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      • Product name: Uncoiler with coil car
      • Product Number: 1-4-046

      Uncoiler or Decoiler

      It is Automatic and hydraulic, can be used to uncoil steel coil which is maximal 1300mms wide, no more than 12 tonweightand steel coilers inner diameter is about 500 or 600mm

      Un-coiler and coiler car for steel sheet

      The Hydraulic De-coiler is used to hold and drive the steel coil that is being fed into the roll forming machine. The de-coiler allows for a quick change of steel coli with minimal manual labor. The de-coiler is powered with a feedback system that ensures the roll former is not required to turn the coil. The de-coiler will turn as required to reduce thepotential for over coiling.

      Maximum coil mass: 12,000 kg

      Nominal coil ID: 500mm supplied with addition spaces to use 600mm above   

      Maximum coil OD: 1300mm

      Maximum coil width: 1300mm  

      Machine consists of the following major items:

      Machine frame

      Overhung shaft with roller bearing

      Drive motor and chain

      Hydraulic power pack (shared power pack on top /bottom coil)

      Hydraulic cylinder of expansion/retraction

      Solenoid valves

      Electrical control system

      Limit system to allow positioning of de-coiler for different feed positions. Manual positioning with position indicator.

      Coiler Car-Powered loading bed to aid in loading to the de-coiler.



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